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How Much Are My Old Baseball Cards Worth?

Find out here how much that old baseball card collection is really worth!

If you are a baseball collector, then you have to know about the price of your cards. That’s why a very popular question is how much are my old baseball cards worth? If you know the answer of the question, you can become a very good collector.

Factors that contribute to how much your old baseball cards are worth

It is very easy to get the answer of the question how much are my old baseball cards worth. You have to know the factors very well. These factors can be considered as the price determining factors of a baseball card.

Basically, there are three factors. Condition of the card is the first one. The player and year are the other two factors. The supply and demand rate is also important for the question how much are my old baseball cards worth. If the demand is high, then you will get a good amount. If the supply is low, you will get a good price also.

At first, you have to determine the year of your card. Usually the cards that are made in 1980 or earlier are considered as the valuable ones. If your card is made after 1980, then the value of the card will be automatically decreased. Sometimes it is quite impossible to sell a card that is made after 1980.

Then you have to check the condition of your card. There are a lot of professional grading companies for this job. You can choose any one of them for valuing your card. PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) is a renowned grading company. You can use the grading system supplied by them. Always remember that good condition is a must for getting a good price.

After the condition checking, you have to study the supply-demand condition of the market. Usually, there is a huge demand of mint cards. But the supply is very limited. If your card is a mint card, then you will definitely get a good price. Try to keep your cards safe from any defects. A very simple defect will decrease the value of it.

How much are my old baseball cards worth?

It is a very good question. Anyone can judge the price by reading the above information. But you need to know the amount for selling a card. There are a lot of websites where you can find the price fixing method. You can use the method to determine the price of your card. It is the easiest answer of the question how much are my old baseball cards worth.

As there are a lot of websites for this job, you have to find a trust worthy website. Usually, the accuracy rate of the popular websites is satisfactory. Among all the websites,

ken griffey jr upper deck rookie card

This is one of my favorite cards of all time the Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie. A classic – only worth about $45 now, but priceless to me. is a popular one. You can easily see the present condition of the cards here. You will also get a clear conception about the prices of the cards.

If you have a good collection, people will definitely show interest in buying your cards. Some sample prices of the cards according to the stars, and manufacturing date are given below.

If you have a card of Babe Ruth that is manufactured in 1933, then you can sell your card for $717. This price is the latest price of these types of cards. If you sell it in an auction house, you can get more money usually.

If a card of Babe Ruth that is manufactured in 1916 is in your hand, you will be a rich person. This is a very rare card. Many people want to buy this type of card. The price can exceed $9,000 also. As this is an expensive card, try to sell it through an auction house. There is a possibility of getting double money through the auction.

If your card is a 1946 Babe Ruth leaf card, you can sell it in $6,000. As it is rare one, people will buy it for more than $6,000 also.

If you have a card that contains the autograph of Babe Ruth, then its manufacturing is not a big fact. Autographed cards are very rare. You can sell an autographed card in $10,000 though it is a recently manufactured card.

Barry Bonds is a very popular baseball player. The cards of this player manufactured in 1986, and 1987 can be sold from $7,000 to $25,000. The price actually depends on the auction.

The cards of DiMaggio are usually manufactured in 1936 to 1941. These cards can be sold from $286 to $910.

Mickey Mantle is also a very popular player. You can collect and sell a lot of cards of him. According to the manufacturing date and autograph value, you can sell the cards from $478 to $13,000.

Always try to sell your cards at a good price. If you read this page, you will definitely find the answer of this question how much are my old baseball cards worth.

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