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Sports Memorabilia Appraisal

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Sports memorabilia is one of the things that collectors would want to pay a hefty price for which is why it is so important to have accurate sports memorabilia appraisal. Sporting memorabilia such as winning footballs or winning home runs fetch a hefty price at any auction. Sports memorabilia value skyrockets especially if it is the last home run scored by a soon-to-be hall of fame player. The sport memorabilia by any soon-to-be hall of famer will have collectors drooling because of the history preserved in one particular item.

If you were one of those kids that caught the home run ball of a retiring hall of famer then it is about time to get that ball appraised. You should find the right sports card or memorabilia shop to determine the price of the history preserved in a ball. Sports memorabilia appraisal shops will give you an idea of what is the worth of any card, ball, jersey, shoe or whatever item that involves sports. You can get a hefty price for the foul ball that you may have caught back when you were ten when you get it appraised.

Authenticity Matters With Sports Memorabilia Appraisal

But not all memorabilia will fetch a hefty price tag. An appraiser will check its rarity and its significance before a price is agreed upon. You can also hold memorabilia that sports memorabilia appraisalyou think is priceless but after thorough sports memorabilia appraisal you find out that it is fake and has no value at all. It is best to consult an appraiser before you brag about an item that can potentially be fake. There are plenty of sports items that are kept by people thinking that they are worth something. But little do they know that those items need to go through sports memorabilia appraisal to ensure their authenticity.

Memorabilia appraisal is important for any collector because their collection’s authenticity will be thrown into question even if they have just one fake jersey. An item that was signed by a future hall of famer will have more value because of the history and significance that it carries. Hall of fame items will fetch a heftier price compared to other items that you want to sell or collect.

Sports memorabilia appraisal takes into account the following things to determine the price of an item:

1.       The significance of the item that you want to collect or sell. If the item was the last home run of a hall of fame player or the home run that gave a certain team the championship, it will definitely be more expensive when it is appraised. But most of the time these items are kept in collections that will probably never be sold.

2.       If the item that you put up for appraisal is from the career landmark of a certain athlete. If it was the 20,000th point of a basketball player the game ball will fetch a hefty price for any collector.

3.       Limited edition apparel will also fetch a handsome price from sports memorabilia appraisers. Limited apparel of an athlete’s shoe that was released twenty years ago will have significant value for buyers, sellers, and collectors. Limited apparel is hard to find and will be in the hands of the most aggressive collector. Sports apparel will be more valuable when it is the first release of that athlete’s shoe. Collectors are enamored with the first pair of sneaks that Michael Jordan wore. Those shoes launched MJ into dizzying heights, that is why the first pair of shoes he wore are priceless.

4.       Autographed apparel, game balls, and jerseys will also fetch a significant price for sellers and buyers of memorabilia. Signed items have greater significance because a signature cannot be bought. A signed jersey or shoe, especially if it is a limited edition item, is a prized item in any collector’s collection.

5.       Memorabilia are like antiques the older they are the higher their monetary value. If you have a 1920s baseball card of a hall of fame player there is a good chance that it will fetch six figures.

These are some of the things that appraisers look out for when they determine the value of the memorabilia that you show to them. Not all sports items are of value that is why it is important to have them appraised. There are also victimizers who sell fake merchandise to would be collectors. You should keep an eye out for swindlers at all times. Before you buy the item that is sold to you check its authenticity.

Memorabilia will fetch you a good price if you know your sport’s history and are an avid fan of any sport. You can earn a nice paycheck if you sell memorabilia that collectors want to buy. But there is something about memorabilia that drives collectors into paying for thousands to millions just to get their hands on it. Maybe it is the history that is attached to those items that make them significant for top dollar sports memorabilia appraisal.

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